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Hey everybody! Iím www.AaronCute.com, and they say Iím cute, hence AaronCute.com, the name of my official, very personal site. If you want to know me better and get some really exclusive material, welcome! I was born and I currently live in Russia, in Siberia, itís coldest and most remote region, probably far from just about anywhere in the world. My home town is close to the Baikal, a famous lake. Iím a high school student. My ambition is to become a pilot. Pretty unusual huh?

I enjoy lots of stuff but music and cinema are probably my favorites. I dig dreamy tunes, ambient, atmospheric breaks, downtempo, deep minimal, this sort of thing. You can actually hear my favorite tracks in my videos. As for the films, I like stuff which sticks with you. I also like to think about what I saw in a movie, you know, trying to understand what itís all about. Art house movies are my thing, Pedro Almodovar, Kusturica, Burton, Lynch and the like. But donít you think Iím such an artsy nerd. Playing the guitar, skating and snowboarding float my boat just as much. Itís pretty damn cold here in winter, so one canít spend much time outdoors. Staying in and browsing the net for hot guys to meet is the thing I enjoy.
I have to say Iím totally addicted to stroking my cock! I would sometimes get myself
off 3-4 times a day. It feels great to do this in unusual places, in elevators, attics, on
buses (when thereís no one else there of course), at my friendsí places etc. I do it
everywhere I can feel alone for 10-15 minutes.  Hell, Iím only 19, so a boner pops
up whenever I even THINK about sex! Sometimes my jeans just get too tight because
 of yet another boner. And now Iím hard :)  I kinda feel shy when I know guys are
checking me out, but it turns me on as well. I love when men stare at my bum.
I know they like it! I donít have a regular bf cause I just donít feel sure enough
about what I want. I like young guys for their beauty and older men are cool
as well, so experienced and smart.
Aaron on snowboard
I dreamed of a hot tub filled with men. They asked me to come and join them. I stripped off my clothes and hopped in. They all began to caress my body. I was laying back when I began to feel many hands grabbing my cock and playing with my ass. This dream of mine left me with a hard on I just couldnít ignore. My morning was spent jerking off with this fantasy in my mind.
Aaron and guitara
Music has always been a passion of mine. I dream about being a rock star and having all the boys and men wanting my body. They listen to me play my guitar and then they suck my cock. I play a riff while they have their dicks in my mouth. I am known across the land and I have many lovers who want my music and my body. It is one of my fantasies.
Aaron in bathroom
When I take a bath I love to feel the water on my penis. The rush of the water makes my dick so hard. I can only imagine what it would be like to fuck under a waterfall. Iíd love to try it out one day. My mouth waters at the thought of a hike into the woods and finding a huge waterfall. I could stand under it with a lover and offer my ass up to him in the stream.
Aaron and condom
I found a pack of colorful rubbers the other day. At first I had wondered where they had come from, but then I decided to see what they could do. I took out a bright yellow one and placed it on my mouth. I blew it up like a big yellow balloon. I began to rub my cock with it. The feeling of the condom on my penis was such a turn on. I masturbated with it.
Aarons friend Alexis
My friend came by to visit me. We had been lovers before. He looked so cute like me. I loved his hairless chest and body. His cock was huge. I wrapped my lips around it and began to suck him off. He began to rub my ass and pulled me off his dick. He wanted to fill me up. He spit on my ass and shoved his huge cock inside. It was pure pleasure.
Aaron student
Sometimes Iím very serious about my studies. I sit at my desk and work very hard. All of that work makes me very hard. My penis grows so large that I have to stop and take my pants off. They get so tight. My mind will leave my studies and my hand drops the pencil to grab my penis. I will spend the rest of the time playing with myself until I cum.
Aaron and cream
I love the taste of sweet things. I will buy a can of whipped cream just so that I can squirt it on my finger and lick it off. I once had a lover that let me squirt the whipped cream all over his penis. I was then able to lick it off. Iíve sprayed the whipped cream all over my own penis before. It works really well if I want to jerk myself off with it too.
Aaron and magazine
When Iím all alone with nothing to do, Iíll grab a porn magazine and look at the pictures. They excite me and make my cock grow. I will fantasize that I am in the magazine and that people are looking at me. I imagine that they want to masturbate to my picture. It gets me so horny. I canít keep my hands off myself and sometimes cum on the pages.
Aaron likes fetish
I was in the kitchen putting away some food when I pulled out a roll of plastic wrap. I was having a hard time getting it to stop sticking to itself. I started to look at it and think about what it must be like to be covered in it. I stripped off all of my clothes. I took the roll of plastic wrap and began to wind it around me. It really turned me on to feel it.
Aaron and hookah
At the end of a long day, I like to sit back with my hookah and have a smoke. It relaxes me. It also gets me very horny. I start to have wild fantasies and begin to stroke my cock with my other hand. I like it best when friends come over and we can smoke and be together. Some of my best sexual experiences happened after I had smoked with a lover.


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